Route Planning & Optimization Features

We’ve designed Route My Fleet to be easy to use and yet be able to solve some of the most complex vehicle routing problems. Therefore, we’ve built in friendly features such as a calendar view, a live planning progress bar, as well as support many real-world constraints such as time windows and multiple depots in our route planning software.

Route Planning

Route Planning For You AND Your Fleet

Our route planning software doesn’t just plan the route for a single vehicle. In fact, we are able to plan the routes for all your vehicles while optimizing fleet usage at the same time.

Route My Fleet solves both the travelling salesman problem (TSP) and the vehicle routing problem (VRP).

Here are some key features of our online cloud-based route planning and optimization software:

  1. Calendar View
  2. Address Verification
  3. CSV Import & Export w/ Custom Headers
  4. Loading, Buffer, Service & Idle Return Time
  5. Distribute Workload
  6. Vehicle Start & End Time
  7. Max Distance, Stops & Time Per Route
  8. Multiple Depots
  9. Multiple Time Windows (Per Stop)
  10. Vehicle Types, Capacity, Buffer, Depot, Priority & Available Days
  11. Rush Hours
  12. Item Overrides (Load, Service Time & Vehicle Type)
  13. Run # & Job Order
  14. ETA Per Stop
  15. Map View Of All Stops & Runs
  16. No Pre-Geocoding Required
  17. Maximize Fleet Usage
  18. Optimized Routes Based On Distance
  19. Lightning Fast Route Planning
  20. Integrated With Detrack (free vehicle tracking and electronic proof of delivery POD solution)
  21. User-Friendly Dashboard
  22. Live Planning Progress Bar

And oh, did we mention it’s free?

While we initially plan to release Route My Fleet exclusively for our Detrack users, we eventually decided to open it up to the general public for free use during the Public Beta phase.

In addition, we do not foresee that we will charge for the service in the near future (this means that you can expect a long-ish beta period).

Upcoming Features

We are constantly looking to add more features to Route My Fleet, and the following are already in the pipeline:

  1. Open API
  2. Import Addresses
  3. Export Addresses
  4. Support Items For CSV Imports
  5. Ability To Delete Stop
  6. Ability To Delete Address
  7. Email Alerts
  8. Daily Summary
  9. Add Yours Here

Please feel free to add your suggestions using the link above (#9 on the list). While we may not be able to fulfill all feature requests, do know that we will definitely assess each and every one that comes our way.

Register For An Account Now

If you hadn’t register for an account, what are you waiting for? Register for a free Route My Fleet account now and take it for a spin. Let us know if Route My Fleet is working for you.

Author: Dason Goh

Dason Goh is the CEO & Co-Founder of Detrack, an award-winning cloud-based vehicle tracking and real-time electronic proof of delivery (e-POD) solution. In just 2 years, he led the bootstrapped startup from a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to become a global solution used by businesses in over 40 countries. He is also the creator of Route My Fleet, a free route planning and optimization software that aims to help businesses worldwide deliver more with less.

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